An essential protagonist for Vorozhbyt&Zemskova brand, big city woman – smart, intelligent, with good taste in fashion, art, music and cinema. She is always in search of something original, strives for new achievements, but at the same time she wants to remain romantic and feminine. Therefore, designers Alena Vorozhbyt and Tatiana Zemskova encoded symbols of femininity in their new collection. They mixed purely masculine minimalistic forms with pastel color palette, as well as delicate lace, but with a utilitarian character. The play of contrasts always looks fresh and relevant.

The brand does not change its fashion genetics, returning to the noble shades of dusty pink, warm white, calm beige; simple lines, tranquility, eco leather and patch pockets. Traditionally, Vorozhbyt&Zemskova demonstrate perfect tailoring and attention to details.

Designers who have managed to surprise fans with trendy collections for more than 20 years are responsive to new social trends and transformations. Big cities of the future are the main source of inspiration this season. Designers were fundamentally influenced by the ideas of the futurist Jacques Fresco, with his concept of the Venus Project. This is a unique model of cyber metropolis, where science and technology would serve the society with less environmental impact.