The metropolis as a living organism with its sounds, colors, dynamics and vibe had been a source of inspiration for the design duo VOROZHBYT&ZEMSKOVA last seasons. The new collection is a fantasy on the theme of a gray, concrete city with many architectural interweaving: skyscraper windows, tall towers, shiny glass, cold metal and a cage… But a ray of sun, yellow, bright, hopeful, breaks through these windows.

The idea of ​​the collection is shown through the materials: a lot of quilted fabrics and checkered prints, which are combined into two-sided pieces. Reversible scarves-capes is worth drawing attention: on the one side they are woolen, and on the other, they are made of raincoat fabric (perfect to walk in the rain). The most interesting items in the collection are these two-sided transformers. You could create a completely different mood with such 2-in-1 piece due to different textures, colors and purpose. Trendy, but also practical.

Silhouette forms: fitted, emphasized with belts with carabiners, as well as voluminous, quilted (with large collars and wide padded shoulders). Key items: suits with wide, pointed shoulder line, wide pants, fitted turtlenecks, oversized vests, coats. Color palette: black, white, gray and bright yellow. Print: check. Details: metallic carbines and chains.