Vorozhbyt&Zemskova is a major player in the Ukrainian fashion industry and has fairly earned its place as one of the most experienced fashion brand. The design duo Alyona Vorozhbyt and Tatyana Zemskova have managed to surprise fans with trendy, significant collections for more than 20 years. This new season, they offer to fall in love with a big city with its stunning colors: from concrete to asphalt, from paving slabs to granite and brick, and, of course, a little bit of gloomy sky and winter flowers. This winter, in the giant metropolis, the Vorozhbyt&Zemskova woman would wear laconic coats, jackets and trench coats with dresses. Carry-overs are wide trousers and perfectly tailored skirts.

Materials: eco-leather of different types (from thin and classic raincoat to solid and thick). Designers also use traditional winter fabrics such as wool-tweed, wool with acrylic, wool-viscose, which stylishly contrast with light silk and viscose. Silhouettes: oversized, with straight lines and sharp angles, which are exact references to the modern architecture of the big city. Minimalistic items are often supplemented with large details: collars, pockets, belts. Pleated geometry is used in multilayer skirts and dresses. Rough metal furnishings – rings, carabiners, chains – emphasize the softness of the fabrics.