AW 22 | 23


Metropolis never sleeps. The human every time much harder keep up with the beat that the large city poses: millions of people who are running and never look back; the vehicles that are passing by at speed; skyscrapers that are looming over people like the ominous clouds. The morning usually starts before the sunrise, and the evening comes closer to the morning. The gravity of the concrete jungles cannot but steel. Many people don’t bear challenges that the megacity throws. But those who can stand them, takes the city’s rules of the game – easily merges with the swift pace of life, and together they coexist in a harmony.

In this season the brand Vorozhbyt&Zemskova with the help of clothes tells the story of the big city and the tiny human. The main character of the collection is a fragile girl, which through samples, fails, adversities, difficulties, but sometimes happiness, fortune, and possibilities acquires a strong temper, that can endure and overcome any obstacles. This formed nature the designers Alyona Vorozhbyt and Tatyana Zemskova compare with the multiple layers that has become an inalienable element of that season. Under the voluminous puffy jackets, oversize coats, heavy sweaters hides a subtle silhouette. Therefore, among grey shades that prevail in a line, somewhere flashing emerald, white and pink.

The designers again place emphasis on the quilted elements which are applied in combination with diverse materials: velvet, wool, tweed. Vorozhbyt&Zemskova decided not to be limited to the raincoat fabric. The multiple layers have provided an opportunity to play on contrasts, because of that there are many combinations of softness and strictness, as, for example, in the mix of eco fur with cold eco lacquee. Stiffness and decisiveness of the big city girl’s temper was decided to highlight with blazers and shirts from men’s suits fabric, adding to the outfit some kind of masculinity. The big city finds its display in the silhouette of the collection – they are pretty massive: wide shoulders, high volumes, big details. It is worth drawing attention how the designers apply their favorite metal garniture – that time they are choosing fasteners that are less delicate in a comparison with ordinary options.